Sunday, March 3, 2013

Writing, Reading and The Stress

This would be the title for my current life. I seriously doubt that it will be anything bad even if I write a tiny script. Here goes a writing exercise:

Writing, Reading and The Stress

Leading role: Alice Kat- the writer of this script and the awesome heroine

Other: Writing- one side of Alice's love triangle, the one who fell for her right from the sky
Reading- other side of the love triangle, her childhood friend who loves her so much
Stress- the villain, a.k.a parents and tests

Bonus: Alice's Friends: nobody cares about them, not even Alice

Act #1; Scene #1

Alice sits in her room on her computer, looking at the blank page for over an hour. Her eyes are tired from glueing her ocean eyes to the snow-white screen.

Alice: Well, another day without Writing. Did he ran off with J. K. Rowling again? Must be. She is the goddess of writing for a really good reason.
(she sits back in her chair and hums to herself)
Maybe Reading is home. I'll go visit him!
(she jumps up from her chair, remembering her own words: "If you don't want a writing block, read. A lot". She goes to her bookcase to find all the book she've read and found out she doesn't want to read any of them)
Alice: Another night alone, huh?

::To be continued::